Our business is CAD based.  We believe that modern CAD technology enables us to produce more accurate designs faster and with email delivery using pdf files, we can deliver a full set of plans and specification within minutes of them being completed.

We offer a range of design and consultancy services which can be tailored to your requirments.

» Concept Designs
» Detail working Plans and Visualisations
» Development and Building Approval Submissions to Councils
» Tender Issue and Administration
» Project Managemant, Site Supervision and Construction Overseeing
» Specialists in Tropical and Native Queensland Vegetation
» Horticultural consultancy
» Maintenance Programming, Pest and disease management
» Turfgrass Management

The following is one example outlining the typical design process for a commercial development involving Council submissions.

The Commercial Development Design Process

1. Concept Design Stage for Development Approval

After we have been engaged and commisioned to proceed we commence the design process by contacting all project associated consultants to discuss the project and arrange for them to forward digital copies of their plans. Typically we would require the survey plan, the architectural plans and engineering plans. Once these have been received we undertake a detailed inspection of the site, noting all site features and identifying any existing vegetation. With this information we draft a preliminary master concept, present it to consultants and client for comments, make any required changes and draft the final concept documents for Council submission.

2. Working Drawings & Specifications for Building Approval

During this stage we design and draft the detail working plans and specification for BA submission and tender issue. These plans are based on the original concept but include any changes required from the Council DA process and any architectural and/or engineering design changes. Typically a set of plans would be presented in A2 or A3 sheet size and would include a Landscape Master Plan, a Hardscape plan, a Planting Plan and a Construction Details and Notes Plan. The specification is usually an A4 size document that includes details on the landscape contractors obligations, hardscape elements like paving and retaining walls etc, irrigation, planting, soil, mulch and maintenance.

3. Tender Issue and Evaluation

In addition to the concept and working plan stages, we also provide other sevices including tender issue and construction supervision. At the tendering stage we can arrange for landscape contractors (and other contractors) to price the job. We then evaluate the responses, make recommendations, engage the successful contractor/s and coordinate contract signing.

4. Construction Supervision & Contract Administration

During construction of the landscape we inspect each stage of the works to ensure that the contractor/s are meeting their obligations. At practical completion we arrange for all relevant inspections (Councils inspections etc), provide a practical completion certificate and oversee the contractors maintenance period.

5. Ongoing Maintenence

Once the landscape contractors maintenance period is completed and we have conducted a final inspection we can organize ongoing maintenance through a maintenance contractor, or provide you with a maintenance program to help you effectively manage your landscape.