We provide two types of visualisation services depending on the end use for the visualisation.

Concept Visualisations are done in house using Sketchup and provide conceptual renderings of the designs we are preparing. They provide clients with a better way of interpreting our design and are intended to be used as an aid to the concept design process. They are usually presented as an artistic interpretation, where materials, colours and environment are approximations of real objects. However it is important to understand that they are still geometrically precise and provide detailed information on the size and spacial relationship of objects in the landscape. They can also be a useful tool for interpretation and sales presentations at the early stages of project developments and are often very cost effective and well worth the additional cost to prepare. See an example below.


Presentation Visualisations are high quality realistic renderings of detailed designs, usually commissioned after the detailed designs have been completed.  They are prepared by one of our associated network professionals who specialise in 3D visualisations, from the detailed landscape plans we supply them and depending on the quality and complexity of the required rendered scene/s, can be costly. However they are commonly used for sales and marketing, where the marketing benefit far outweigh the cost to prepare the visualisation. See an example below and the main banner above.


Please contact us to enquire about these services.